Paul Wako learned many different instruments, played in various bands and also played DJ-sets with vinyls. In 2012, his dream was born to put all those elements together:
-the possibility of creating an “organic“ sound on stage, like a band
-the privilege of full control, like a DJ
-and to make all that possible: the ability to play different instruments at the same time. He then began developing his solo project including a Didgeridoo, a Cajon and a shaker.

Paul started out busking in 2013, he set off for his first tour through Slovenia and Italy – on his bike.

A year later, he cycled from Austria to Copenhagen via Prague, Dresden, Berlin, Rostock and on his way back home via Hamburg, Köln, Freiburg and Bregenz. The whole journey was funded busking, except one train ticket he bought from Copenhagen to Hamburg.

In 2015, a snare drum and cymbals found their way into his performance. He started playing his first gigs on stages and a second project was born to life that highly influenced his sound: the FBY – a band on a cargo bike.

In 2016, his first studio album “Ahoy“ was released. Paul Wako started playing bigger stages, for example at “Peal” festival.

In 2017, Paul continued improving his sound by adopting a new synthesizer and effects into his performance. He developed a more experimental and electrical style and wrote many new songs. Moreover, Paul graduated in educational studies, which he financed through performing on the streets of Graz.

In 2018, he started working on his second studio album: a process that should take him more time than expected because…
in 2019, he became father to a lovely young boy.
And a year later, we all know what happened: The Pandemic. Paul Wako used his time well and cared for his growing child, while improving his creative skills and getting ready to record the second studio album.
Now in 2022, the new album will soon be released and he is already planning another big tour.

More to be announced soon…